Food ESL Quiz

By , B.A. Latin & Greek

If you want to test your students' knowledge of food vocabulary, why not give them a food ESL quiz? Below you will find a quiz broken up into several sections. Administer one section at a time as your class progresses through a unit on food, or all together at the end of the unit. You can also use the quiz before the unit to give students an opportunity to talk about food and practice conversing about their knowledge.

Usage Notes

The activities in the food ESL quiz are in ascending order of difficulty.

The first activity is appropriate for beginners (or for a simple review for advanced students), while the last activity practices vocubulary, pronunciation and polite restaurant conversations (all are intermediate-level skills).

If your students aren't ready for one of the sections, delete it and change the point values so they continue to add up to 100 for easy grading.

Food ESL Quiz

Chart (30 points)

Place each food in the correct category.

  • banana
  • beef
  • carrot
  • cheese
  • cod
  • cucumber
  • grapes
  • ham
  • lamb
  • lettuce
  • milk
  • peach
  • salmon
  • tuna
  • yogurt

Fruit: ____________________________________________

Vegetable: _______________________________________

Meat: ____________________________________________

Fish: _____________________________________________

Dairy: ____________________________________________

Multiple Choice (20 points)

Choose the answer that best completes each statement.

1. Sara eats soup from a ___ .

a. bowl b. plate c. pan

2. Little Timmy shouldn't eat his meatloaf with his fingers. He should use a ___ .

a. knife b. fork c. spoon

3. I am going to sauté the onions now. Please hand me the ___ .

a. pot b. platter c. skillet

4. Use a ___ to cut your steak.

a. spoon b. tongs c. knife

5. I will defrost the chicken in the ___ . It will be very fast that way.

a. microwave b. stove c. freezer

Cloze Passage (30 points)

Tony is the star of a television cooking show. Read the transcript of the show. Choose the best word or phrase from the list to fill in each blank.

  • boils
  • chopping
  • dice
  • slice
  • sauté
  • simmer

"Welcome to 'Cooking with Tony.' I'm Tony, and today I am going to show you how to make chicken in wine sauce. First, wash all your vegetables. Then get out your cutting board, because we are going to do a lot of (1) ___ . (2) _ the carrots into little cubes. Then (3) ___ the mushrooms. They should look like flat strips. Chop the onions and celery, and then put them all in a hot skillet with some olive oil. (4) ___ them until you can see through the onions. Take the vegetables out of the pan and out them in a pot with the chicken, some chicken broth, and about a cup of wine. Leave the heat on high until it (5) _ . Then cover it and turn the heat to low. Let it (6) ___ for an hour or so. Eat it with a loaf of crusty bread and some more of that wine. Enjoy!"

Dialogue (20 points)

You are a waiter in a restaurant. Complete the dialogue with polite offers.

Waiter: Hello. Welcome to The American Restaurant. (1) ______________________________?

Customer: Yes, I'd like a drink. Lemonade, please.

Waiter: Here is your drink. (2) ________________________________________?

Customer: I would like a steak and a baked potato.

Waiter: (3) ___________________________________________? We have broccoli, cauliflower, or peas.

Customer: I'll have the peas.

Waiter: That is an excellent choice. (4) __________________________________________?

Customer: No, thank you. I have everything I need.

Answer Key


  • Fruit: banana, grapes, peach
  • Vegetable: carrot, cucumber, lettuce
  • Meat: beef, ham, lamb
  • Fish: cod, salmon, tuna
  • Dairy: cheese, milk, yogurt

Multiple Choice: 1. a, 2. b, 3. c, 4. c, 5. a

Cloze Passage: 1. chopping, 2. dice, 3. slice, 4. sauté, 5. boils, 6. simmer

Dialogue: Answers will vary; these are some sample answers.

  1. Would you like a drink? / Can I offer you a drink?
  2. What would you like to order? / What can I get for you?
  3. Would you like a vegetable with that? / Do you want a side dish of vegetables?
  4. Can I get you anything else? / Would you like anything else?