Free ESL Classes Online


Many students of the English language look for free ESL classes online. For many people who grew up in the last two decades, the online world has become a very familiar place where they can interact with a variety of people in a way that seems very natural and comfortable.

The reasons why students search for these types of classes are varied:

  • Adult second language learners often work full time in addition to keeping up with family commitments, so enrolling in traditional classroom instruction proves to be logistically difficult.
  • Some students who are enrolled in traditional settings need additional resources to supplement their classroom coursework in order to achieve English fluency at a quicker rate.
  • Others are simply more comfortable studying in an online environment.

Where to Find Free ESL Classes Online

While many online ESL classes are for profit, there are still numerous resources available that offer ESL instruction free of charge.

The following list of websites will help you continue your English education online:

  • English-Online: English Online is a British website that provides extensive ESL instruction free of charge. The site is organized by level and has beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced stages. Each stage is divided into parts that cover grammar, functions, and vocabulary. Tests are also available so you can test your English skills and see how much you have learned.
  • 1-Language: 1-Language offers 70 units on a variety of aspects of the English language. Verb tenses, nouns, possessives, modals, prepositions, comparatives/superlatives, qualifiers, and many more structural aspects of the English language are clearly explained. Many of the units are dedicated to exercises so you can repeatedly practice your grammar skills as you work to commit them to memory.
  • Learn English Online: Learn English Online offers free ESL courses for the beginning ESL student. The 11 units are divided into over 50 lessons that cover a wide range of topics: directions, families, likes and dislikes, ordering in a café, the seasons, ordinal numbers, days of the week, time, verb tenses, colors, introductions and much more.
  • World-English: World-English provides a unique, free service on the Internet. They schedule free speaking lessons where students can log in and, using free chat software and their computer's microphone and speakers, practice their conversational English. The sessions are lead by a native-speaker of English who is also a qualified teacher. A maximum of ten students are allowed into each session, so you can count on an intimate learning environment. The sessions last for 30 minutes.
  • Isabel's ESL Site: This detailed site offers a wealth of information for the student of ESL. Free courses and lessons are provided, as well as information on technology and workshops. A personalized site maintained by a teacher of ESL, this resource will prove to be very useful for your studies in English.

What to Avoid

There is really little reason why you should have to pay for online ESL instruction. There is so much information available for free that paying should only be a last resort. If you do plan to pay, make sure the courses you sign up for are part of an accredited university or college. You want to make sure that your money is going towards courses that will be valuable and truly help you with your language learning process.