Free Lesson Notes for ESL Adult Beginners


Free lesson notes for ESL adult beginners can be found in many different places on the Internet. For years, students have shared lesson notes in a type of educational camaraderie.

Reasons to Share Lesson Notes

By sharing and comparing notes, students accomplish many goals:

  • Make sure they have as much information as possible in order to get the most out of the class. What might seem important enough for one student to take notes on, another student might ignore.
  • Verify that the notes taken include all important points.
  • Verify that the notes taken are an accurate translation.
  • Obtain notes from a missed class.

For adult ESL students, possessing all of the possible lesson notes on a particular course is even more important. In addition to being students, adult learners typically work and/or have families, so their time is even more limited throughout the semester.

ESL courses, by definition, are also taught in a language that is not the student's native tongue, so information is often lost in the translation process, particularly for beginners. Thankfully, the Internet has made finding free lesson notes for ESL adult beginners a much easier task.

Finding Free Lesson Notes

Many of the following sites offer free lesson notes in the form of instructor notes and lesson plans. These are excellent for the ELS student to have access to as well, because they are the foundation for the lesson. It's like having the answers to the test before you take it!

  • UsingEnglish: The ESL teacher lesson plans and worksheets offered on this site will prove tremendously helpful for the beginning adult ESL student. The site is organized by student level and has beginner, intermediate, and advanced material. Exercises offered in the beginner's section include alphabetical order, conjunctions, prepositions, verb tenses, telling time, and more. All the exercises are included with the answers, so you can quiz yourself to see how much you have learned.
  • EnglishClub: My English Club is an excellent place to stop by for lesson notes, grammar tips, videos on English learning, games, jokes, and more. You can also become a member of this site to enhance the community feel and exchange ideas with other students in a virtual environment.
  • Study English Today: Originally developed specifically for Bulgarian students who were studying ESL, Study English Today has evolved to become a major online resource for English language learners around the world. This site is interesting in that the types of lesson notes it offers are unique and are geared more towards the adult learner. Lesson notes on writing business letters and university writing are offered, as well as information on poetry and lyrics. This is an interesting and creative site for the adult ESL student.
  • ESL Flow: ESL Flow is a cleverly and clearly organized site that accomplishes its goal of putting you in contact with a large number of lesson resources. The home page features a list of major topics in ESL that would be of interest to the adult beginner such as communicative technique, icebreakers, reading, pronunciation, relationships, careers, housing, business, and more. By clicking on one of the topics, the visitor is taken to a page that provides a clean list of usable links and articles that will keep any ESL student occupied for hours.

What to Keep In Mind

Adult ESL students' needs are different than younger ESL students. The challenges of learning a new language later in life have been thoroughly researched and documented. While the above sites will offer excellent resources, lesson notes, and tools, the adult student may need to become even more proactive to uncover the specific help that he/she needs.

If sites offer the option to join for free, consider taking this step. Usually, this feature allows members to communicate with each other in a forum where you can share questions, comments, and concerns with other individuals who are in the same situation as yourself.